#1. Biting when sleeping


You could be sleeping at night and feel some pinching pain on your skin. This clearly implies that something is not right in your home and you need to quickly intervene. In the bed, look at the sheets because some of them leave blood at the spot that they bite. The bedbugs can bite you on different skin areas but once they finish they tend to hide. When you switch off the lights, they come out of their hiding place and this makes you to see them for seconds before they vanish again.

#2. You can see them


Bedbugs have no secret at all. They can hide themselves but once they become many, they start misbehaving and that is when you can even see them on the clothes you are wearing and the shirts. This makes them to be seen by many people and this calls for their mass killing. They can crawl on the flow and the wardrobe as well as attaching themselves to the beddings of a person. This is what makes them to be recognized easily before they become plenty in the houses.

3 easy ways to detect bed bugs